Pashupatinath Temple

pashupatinath yogi

Pashupatinath temple was build in the 15th century by Lichhavi King Shupuspa. Pashupatinath has its own history in it and is one of the most popular temples in Kathmandu valley. The temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu. The temple is designed in the pagoda style of Nepalese architecture with Linga or the holy symbol of Lord Shiva. It is located on the inner … Read more

Adventure in Nepal

trekking in nepal

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “adventure”? Some might say traveling to new places is an adventure, some might say trying new cuisines are the adventure, and some might even say living their life off the edge is also an adventure. To some extent they all are correct. Because for most … Read more

Devastating Earthquake in Nepal, 2015

The devastating Earthquake in Nepal occurred on 25 April 2015 11:56 AM Nepal Standard Time was a serious threat to the people of Nepal. It killed many lives and people lost properties worth millions of dollars and thousands of people became homeless. Nearly 9000 peoples were killed by the earthquake and injured 22,000 more which … Read more

3 Star hotels in Nepal

3 star hotels in pokhara, nepal

The star rating framework for Hotels and eateries was set up in the 1950s by an oil organization that likewise distributed travel guides. Other rating frameworks have gone ahead of the scene from that point forward. There are additionally appraisals seen on the Internet today that have been finished by shoppers and are in light … Read more

5 tourist places in Kathmandu Valley

Thamel Market Kathmandu

Nepal is a socially, culturally, and religiously diverse country. Nepal is a land full of blessings by nature. Nepal is one of the most exotic destinations of the world with adventure, cultural and pilgrimage and wildlife. It is a treasure house of ancient art and culture. Kathmandu, being the capital city of Nepal is probably … Read more


Pokhara Nepal

Every year thousands of tourists visit Pokhara to see its natural beauty and unique culture. The tourist travels around the country to see the new things that are so familiar to us. Those same old hills, rivers, valleys, lakes, mountains, ethnicity and society are common for us whereas wondrous for them. They appreciate the beauty of our country and … Read more

10 places to visit in Pokhara, Nepal

10 Places to visit in pokhara

Pokhara, the largest city of Nepal in the area, is located 200km west of the capital, Kathmandu. Regarding population, it is the second-largest city of Nepal. It is a headquarter of the Kaski district. It is surrounded by three of the world’s ten highest mountains- Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu. The main ethnicities of the Pokhara region … Read more